Audubon Adventures Summer Camp

By Trinity River Audubon Center (other events)

8 Dates Through Aug 18, 2017

At Trinity River Audubon Center Summer Adventure camps, we explore and immerse ourselves in the great outdoors, creating memories that last a lifetime.  Each day of camp is a new adventure for your kids, who enjoy hands-on activities such as rafting, crafts, bird-watching, exploring the prairie and forest, and embracing nature through play and discovery.

What to bring: Children enrolled in camp must bring two snacks and lunch, refillable water bottles and a change of clothes.  Sturdy, close-toed shoes are required.  Staff will have bug spray and sun screen available for parents to apply to their campers.

Camp are for kids eligible to be enrolled in grades K-5th in August of 2017.  Pre-registration is required, and parents must have all medical and liability release forms completed by the first day of their child's camp; forms can be downloaded from our website at, please scroll to the bottom of the camp page to find the forms. Camps run from 9am-3pm, Monday through Friday.  Each week is a different theme for all grade levels, see below for weekly themes.

BeforeCare is available and runs from 7:30-9am, cost is $40 for the week; AfterCare is available and runs from 3-6:00pm, cost is $50 for the week.  Children enrolled in BeforeCare may not be dropped off earlier than 7:30am.  Children enrolled in AfterCare must be picked up by 6:00pm.  Late pick ups will be charged $1/minute after 6:00pm.

Camp Dates and Themes:

Week of June 19th - Wild Wings

Let your curiousity soar this week!  Examine birds, bats, butterflies and other flying creatures.  Discover why flight is their chosen mode of transportation.

Week of June 26th - Little Life

Learn about the world that exists under the microscope - where do these tiny creatures call home, and what do they need to survive? 

Week of July 10th - Wild Kingdom

The animal kingdom is full of creatures, large and small.  Learn all about animal adaptations, habitats, and meet live animals along the way!

Week of July 17th - Olympians of the Wild

Do you think you have what it takes to be the fastest?  Jump the highest?  Test your Olympic skills and see how you match up with the natural world.

Week of July 24th - Nature as Art

Nature inspires artsist everywhere!  This week is designed to engage young artists using the natural landscape as inspiration for their artistic creations.

Week of July 31st - Project Survival

Could you survive in the wild?  Learn survival skills like fishing, pitching a tent and reading a compass.  Learn how animals use their skills for survival and see how humans compare.

Week of August 7th - Jurassic TRAC

Dig deep into the past and discover stories from the dirt under your feet!  Explore evidence of creatures long past and learn how they compare to today's wildlife.

Week of August 14th - Make a Splash

Water is essential for lige, where does it come from?  Where does it go after it leaves the sink?  Dive into the world of water where everyone is in the "splash zone"!

Mailing Address

6500 Great Trinity Forest Way Dallas, TX 75217